Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book Summary

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book Summary and 17 wealth files

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book Summary and “17 wealth files

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book SummarySecrets of the Millionaire Mind is the world’s best money management book, and you can also become rich by following its rules. Nothing can stop you from becoming a millionaire, and I will share some important points of this book with you.

If you follow its rules, then you too can become rich. Read all the points of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” carefully and try to understand it well. If you know its points well, then nothing can stop you from being successful.

You can fulfill all your dreams, and you can give all kinds of happiness to your family. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is a book that many people have become millionaires by reading and following its rules.

Friends, if you also want to become a millionaire, you must also follow Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Friends, there is a secret in the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book that you may not have ever read.

So friends, know more about T. Harv Eker’s book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and start it and make your life successful.

Businessman, Author, Wealth Coach, and Motivational Speaker T. Harv Eker,” says “Give me your five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life, you will be rich or not”.

Friends, he can say so with such a claim as he has spent years studying the psychology, mindset, habit, and life of millionaire and millionaire successful people he explained to us in his book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” have tried. It is considered one of the best wealth management and personal finance books in the world.

Because the author tells us about the blueprint of money in this book to truly fulfill our desire to become rich and successful by learning the mindset and psychology of rich people and those who have become millionaires by following themselves, so friends, let us know about Wealth blueprint and 17 Wealth Files which makes us wealthy and successful.

Harve starts with a Wealth Principal, which is T.F.A.R. Where T means Thoughts, F means Feelings, A means Action, and R means Results, i.e. our Thoughts give birth to our Feelings and our Feelings Decide our Action and our Action Decide Results.

Let us understand properly how Thought and Feeling affect our Action and Results.

If you are saving money or investing just thinking that this money will work in my bad time, then you will take action accordingly. You will earn the same amount of money and will do the same. With just a feeling of fear, what will be the end result… that bad time will surely come.

But if you take action with the thought of becoming rich and creating wealth there, you do not think small. Your efforts are as big, and you earn money on the same level. As a result, you will also get wealth, success, and financial freedom.

Rich people focus on the things they want. At the same time, poor people focus on the things they do not want to happen, and the author says that these two different kinds of thinking are affected by our money blueprint.

The money blueprint is like the roots of your planted economic tree, which decides how and what fruits will come from it. According to the author, by fruit, our financial mindset and blueprint of wealth are affected by the results and these three areas.

1.) Verbal programming

Verbal programming means that as we have been hearing about money and rich people from people around them, it conditions your mindset, such as earlier parents telling their children that more money is the root of all problems. No one can become rich without doing wrong in a short time, or rich people are just greedy and selfish.

All these thoughts are put unconsciously in our mind by our parents. This does not mean that poor parents are wrong, and it is not that they want our bad, but instead they say this because their parents and the people around them had put this in their mind as a child.

At the same time, wealthy parents teach their children completely different things about money and life. Then your outside world is the result of your thinking and habits.

2.) Modeling

We learn from our parents and the people around us, from childhood, how they spend money and how to live a lifestyle But the good thing is that if someone wants to change his bad situation, he can change his thinking and mindset. There is a saying, “monkey see, monkey do!”.

3.) Specific incidents

A Specific Positive and Negative Event Situation or incident such as your family’s financials going through bad times, poverty, and hardships and seeing all this, you came to know about the importance of money. You have decided that I will earn a lot of money so that me and my family will not have to see this situation again.

Although almost everyone wants more money that does not like the money, self-made Millionaire becomes the same people who follow these 17 wealth files. It shows 17 wealth files—what a big difference between the psychology and work of people with a rich and poor mindset.

Finance Book – The Millionaire Fastlane Summary 3 Ways To Become Rich

1.) wealth File No. One (Control Yourself)

Rich people believe in creating and controlling their own life. At the same time, poor people walk according to where life takes them.

2.) wealth File No. Two (Focus To Earn Money)

Rich people play to win the game of money, and the same poor people play the game of money for fear that they can not lose

That means rich people mainly focus and earn money, and poor people only save money and do not take any risk.

3.) Wealth File No. Three (Be Committed to becoming Millionaire.)

Rich people are committed to becoming rich, and the same poor people only want to become rich. Meaning rich people keep a promise to themselves that if anything happens, they will be rich. So instead of partying with friends, they are engaged in their business day and night and do everything possible to make them rich.

The same poor people only want to be rich but never try or work for it. They want to live like the rich but do not take action.

4.) Wealth File No. Four (Stepping out of the comfort zone)

Rich people think big and far apart and live outside their comfort zone, but those with poor mentality think small only when their thinking is limited, and they live in their limited and comfort zone.

If you want to live in comfort, then there are chances that you will never become wealthy. But if your goal is to become rich, you will lead a comfortable life. If you want to do easy work, life will be difficult, but life will be easy ahead if you work hard today.

5.) Wealth File No. Five (Focus on Opportunities and solutions)

Rich people focus on Opportunities and Solutions instead of focusing only on the difficulties and difficulties like poor people.

6.) Wealth File No. Six (Appreciate the successful person)

Rich people Appreciate, and like other wealthy and successful people, the same poor people have wrong thinking and feeling for rich people. Only then will you get people to say, “Hey, these rich are just relatives of money, rich people earn money by doing wrong things, or hey money is the root of all problems”.

7.) Wealth File No. Seven (Good company)

Rich people live with other rich and positive people who have specific ambitions and goals in their lives to develop their knowledge and themselves.

The same poor people like to live with negative, unsuccessful, and losers because they get their thinking.

8.) Wealth File No. Eight (Be Confident)

Rich people are Confident in promoting themselves, so they are also good in Business, Marketing, and Sales. At the same time, people with poor mindsets, promoting themselves, also view Selling, Marketing from the wrong perspective.

So even if someone with more knowledge than them is telling or selling them about a product, they also look at it wrongly and think that all they need is money while the value is in exchange for giving the price to the front he is asking, and he is confident of his service.

9.) Wealth File No. Nine (Your dreams are bigger than your problems)

Rich people consider themselves bigger than their problems, so they solve every problem with little understanding. The same poor people think their problems as bigger than themselves, and due to the fear and burden of those problems, they always consider themselves weak.

10.) Wealth File No. Ten (Avoid Low self-esteem)

Rich people believe that they should get what they want, whether it is a Compliment, Business profit, or Respect.

The same poor people are bad receivers. Because of low self-esteem, they feel that they do not deserve something big, and if someone praises them, they do not know how to handle that complaint because of low self-esteem.

11.) Wealth File No. Eleven (Select work based on result)

Rich people choose to work based on results. At the same time, Poor people choose to work on their time base.

12.) Wealth File No. Twelve (Manage your Family life and Professional life)

Poor people think that we cannot get everything or cannot manage everything together. Either we can focus on our work or only on the family.

The same rich people like to try and manage different things and options. Meaning they are good at managing their family life and professional life. Also, they are not afraid to try another option.

13.) Wealth File No. Thirteen (Focus on your Net Worth)

Rich people focus on their net worth. That is, they see what their net worth is in their current times, including their overall Assets, Saving, and Investment.

At the same time, the poor and middle class only focus on their salary and income.

14.) Wealth File No. Fourteen (Learn how to invest money)

Rich people know how to manage their money well, and they learn these skills with the help of financial books and the Internet. The same poor people are good at spending and wasting money, and they learn by watching celebrities and televisions around them.

15.) Wealth File No. Fifteen (Invest money properly)

Rich people make a system of their money that makes their money hard work for them and make more money, while poor people do hard work to earn money.

16.) Wealth File No. Sixteen (Don’t be afraid to take risks)

Rich people work despite fear. Friends, this does not mean that people with a wealthy mindset do not feel scared, they also feel the fear behind taking any action or risk, but they do not let this fear dominate themselves nor do that fear in their Allow to be an obstacle in the journey of becoming rich.

At the same time, poor people cannot take any action due to fear, and their fear is stronger than their dreams and hopes.

17.) Wealth File No. Seventeen (Always try to learn something new)

Rich people constantly learn something and grow. At the same time, people with Poor mindsets feel that they know everything.

Friends, the man who understands that he knows everything, can never grow because he has stopped knowing and learning something new, and he is only living with his limited belief.

Friends, how did you like these “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book Summary“, please tell us by commenting so that we keep bringing you such good books summary.

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